Musical Notes…

For twenty years I had a ministry where I traveled and
shared the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and drama.
In 2005, I distinctly heard the Voice I could never mistake say to me,
“Shut it all down.”   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I agonized about
what that meant. But I knew in my heart that the Lord was calling me to a new place,
an unfamiliar place I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.  Who ever wants to plunge into the
unknown?  Nevertheless, I knew what I had to do.  I questioned God
and asked for confirmation three times about His directive.  He answered me
swiftly and unmistakably.  I knew in my heart He had spoken to me and if He
was asking me to give something up, He must have something much better to
take its place.
So many people didn’t understand when I stopped singing.
I didn’t exactly understand it myself but I knew this was a new season
in my life and I had to trust Him just like I had sung about so many
times through the years.  It felt like a death of sorts, and for a time I  grieved the death of
my goals, dreams and desires.  I wish I could say that this all happened quickly,
but it didn’t.  It’s taken me several years to get my mind and heart around this
new place He has me.  But this one thing I know, I know His voice and He rewards
obedience.   I want  walk with Him, in His footsteps, not running  recklessly ahead,
especially in these days we’re living in. 
     So, all that being said, I wanted to include my music (His music!) on my site
for those of you who remember my singing and want to order CD’s. 
Please feel free to drop me a line sometime and let me know what’s been
happening in your life as well!